Jenny Easy Site

The freedom of controlling your on-line marketing

Welcome to the Jenny Easy Site example website!

Web sites have become a necessity in every business.

There is an ever increasing demand for websites which are interactive  and which stay up to date with current information.

All this at an  affordable price.  

Due to the high set-up and maintenance costs, most  company's still don't have websites.       

Jenny  Easy Site enables you to create an attractive, fully functioning web  site in a matter of minutes via an intuitive, wizard-style interface.  Setting up and publishing a website is accomplished in easy steps.   

Easy to Use 

Jenny Easy site offers widgets which are prebuilt functions and design elements that enables the website owner to integrate great functionality seamlessly into the website e.g. if you’d like to offer visitors to your website a map with driving directions, simply drag the corresponding widget into the website and configure it by entering your address.


Great For

  • Small Businesses
  • Organizational web sites (e.g. Marathon Club web site)
  • News web sites
  • Personal web sites (Family web site with a gallery)
  • Educational web sites
  • Blog web sites
  • Small Online Shopping Cart websites
  • Religions websites
  • Social and Sports Club Websites

Map your business so your easy to find